Liisa Aholainen.

Colour designer

Are you looking for the best colours for your business or your home? I can help you! I make colour and material schemes for interiors and exteriors working closely with architect Bas Gremmen in Rotterdam. Contact us:


My medium is watercolour. I appreciate it's transparency of colours, lightness, flowing quality and freedom. Sometimes I combine this with other techniques to create contrasts. The key is the colour’s interaction with form, emotion and space.

art educator

I give lectures and workshops about colour and design. I also offer private lessons in drawing and watercolour painting. Teaching languages are English and Finnish. My studio is in Rotterdam. Contact me for details.  


about me.

I was born and raised in Finland. I Studied in the University of Art and Design of Helsinki (now Aalto University) and graduated as Master of Arts in Art education with Industrial Design as a secondary subject. Since 2008 I live and work in the Netherlands, Rotterdam being my current home town.

Working as an artist and a colour designer I experience the cultural differences strongly in colour: the Finns are blue and the Dutch are orange. Living in a complimentary colour harmony has taught me that things are not black and white. The world both outside and inside of us is constantly changing.


In all my work I’m searching for the moments when colour, form and space complement each other and create something meaningful.

Nude with ochre and blue
Nude with grey and blue
Nude with orange and pink
Girl with sunglasses



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